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Tiny Tourist

Craftwork Coffee Co.

Craftwork Coffee Co.

Tiny Tourist - Craftwork Coffee Co. edition
About Craftwork Coffee Co:

Craftwork was founded by two friends who wanted to create a place where people could literally work at their favorite coffee shop. They desired a space where a culture of collaboration could grow among individuals who wanted to feel the energy, warmth, and community of a coffee shop in their office every single day.

When deciding to create this space in Fort Worth, they met with architects, furniture partners, coffee roasters, and eventually hired employees. In what seems like an instant, Craftwork was born.

About Elle Boone Photography:
I am a wife to Michael, the goofiest and wisest man I know.  I am a mom to a wild boy, named Hudson and the sweetest little pea Lucy who just joined our family in February (on my birthday!).  I love Jesus and my desire is to make Him known and bring Him glory in this lifetime. We moved to Fort Worth from Austin a couple years ago, for Michael to start medical school.  I had a dream job on Young Life staff at the University of Texas at Austin after college, discipling college girls.  Then, God just placed photography in my lap and it has been such a blessing to be pursuing that these past few years. I love the work of capturing and celebrating love, its such a beautiful gift.

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